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BitZ will open USDT DeFi Vault NO.2 at 12:00 (UTC+8) today:
The mining pool product of this period is currency standard product, USDT is invested in USDT, the mode is regular financial management, the minimum investment amount is 10 USDT
The annualized yield rate is now as high as 588%

Characteristic of  DeFi Vault NO.2 :
Super simple: one-click participation, you don't have to operate the wallet and contract by yourself, saving time  (it is recommended to operate the official channel of pledge on the chain; those who are not familiar with the operation on the chain can enter the machine gun pool with one click, BitZ will help you operate)
Ultra low threshold: free of GAS charges, users do not have to pay the high fees on the chain
Intelligent scheduling: select the USDT DeFi Vault NO.2 with high yield
The income cycle of the current USDT DeFi Vault NO.2 is 2 day (48 hours).

Risk reminder:
1. BitZ constantly strives for high profits for users and selects DeFi mining project with safety audit and high quality in the industry;
2. The liquidity mining product is an innovative digital currency financial derivative with risks. BitZ does not bear the asset loss caused by the third party uncontrollable risks such as smart contract loopholes and project party running away.Please consider all factors such as project popularity, market trends, and your own risk tolerance, prudently decide whether to participate, and allocate your assets reasonably.

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September 03, 2020

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