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BitZ hsa launched the updated recommendation commssion activity —— The National Partner, double commision of the invitees' coin contract without threshold, multi-level invitees mechanism, larger scale and more commission rebate.


Activity Entry: Click here to activity page or login to view it through "Person Center-The National Partner"


Activity Rules:

1. All users of the platform will automatically become partners as soon as the National Partner Program goes online.They have the relevant rights of the invitation relationship for life-long binding and commission of 3 levels' trading fees under their names.

2. Definition:A invitesB,B invites C,C invites D;  then A's level 1 invitee is B, level 2 invitee is C, and level 3 invitee is D. That is, the level 1 commission of A is the sum of the commissions of all level 1 invitees, the level 2 commission is the sum of the commissions of all level 2 invitees, and the level 3 commission is  the sum of the commissions  of all level 3 invitees.

3. The number of invited members of the level 1 (requiring secondary certification) or  the number of BZ positions determines the level of commission they can get; the total transaction volume of the invitees of the first, second and third levels of the partner determines the level of their partners. It also determines the proportion of its level 1 rebate, the level 2 rebate is fixed at 10%, and the level 3 rebate is fixed at 5%.

4. There are five levels of partners:namely general partner, junior partner, intermediate partner, senior partner and supreme partner. The level of partners is automatically updated when the total transaction volume of the invitees of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels reaches the corresponding requirements.

5. If the conditions are met,the partner can obtain the multi-level commission of the contract transaction by defaul. the default ratio of 2-level and 3-level commission for coin transactions is zero and users can apply for the coin transaction multi-level commission on their own.

6. The commission earned by the partners will be calculated and returned to the partners, and the coin fo commission is the coin actually collected by the platform. The commission will be counted on the same day and will arrive at 12:00 the next day. All the commissions will be issued to the exchange account.

*The commission return time has been changed from 16:00 to 12:00 from January 8, 2020

7. the OTC trading fee, margin trading fee, financial interest and withdraw fee are not involved in commission return.

8. BitZ reserves the right to make adjustments to the commission rules in accordance with market changes. Please continue to pay attention to the official announcement.


Activity Details:  Click here to to view the graphic strategy.

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The National Partner

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Risk reminder: Cryptocurrency asset is a kind of innovative investment product with volatile prices. BitZ serves as a neutral trading platform, established only for providing convenience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts trading cryptocurrencies, and assumes no liability or guarantee of or compensation for the investment value of coins. Please make a rational estimation of your investment ability and make prudent investment decisions.

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BitZ Team

November 4th, 2019

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